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Social Psychology

A - June 12

1 (4 marks)

2 Outline and evaluate research into conformity (12 marks)

3 Explain what is mean by locus of control (4 marks)

4 Explain how a minority can bring about social change (4 marks)

B - Jan 12

1 (6 marks)

2 Explain…

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3 Explain one or more reasons why people obey authority (6 marks)

4 Describe two ethical issues that can be illustrated by Milgram's research into obedience to
authority (4 marks)

5 How has social influence research helped our understanding of social change? (4 marks)

C - June 11

1 (12…

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1b Explain what is meant by normative social influence


2a Outline one advantage of conducting obedience research outside a lab setting (2 marks)

2b Outline one limitation of conducting obedience research outside a lab setting (2 marks)

3 Discuss one or more explanations of independent behaviour, for example, how…

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2 (4 marks)

3 Explain how locus of control influences independent behaviour (4 marks)

4 (2marks)

5 Outline and evaluate explanations of conformity (8marks)

E ­ Jan 10
1a Explain what's meant by internalisation in the context of conformity (2marks)

1b Explain what's meant by compliance in the context of…

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2a What does the bar chat show about conformity? (4marks)

2b Most research into conformity takes place in a lab. Outline one strength of conducting research
into conformity in a lab (2marks)


3a (i) what type of locus of control does Petra's behaviour show? (1 mark)

3a (ii) what…

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3b Which one of the three students is most likely to resist pressures to conform? Explain choice

4 Describe how social influence research has contributed to our understanding of social change


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