Othello Conext

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  • Othello Context
    • Social
      • Renaissance period was the serge of classical philosophy and a new era in art
      • Science gained a new standing in society and people were beginning to look forward whilst still passionately holding onto religion.
      • Women were seen as subordinate to men and that they should look after the household and children, they were also to obey their father until they were married off into obeying their husband
      • Dark skin was associated with corruption- exotic but potentially savage, threatening or dangerous, light skin with purity.
    • Historical
      • Venice was at war with Ottoman Empire between 1570-1573
      • In 1604, King James I and his court were the first to watch the production of 'Othello'
      • Moors were the muslim inhabitants who lived in the southern parts of Spain, Sicily, Parts of southern France and North Africa in the Middle Ages.
    • Shakespearian Tragedy
      • Tragic Hero
      • A struggle between good and evil
      • Hamartia
      • Tragic Waster
      • External Conflict
      • Internal Conflict
      • Catharsis
      • Supernatural Elements
      • Lack of Poetic Justice
      • Comic Relief


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