Osmosis and Water Potential

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  • Osmosis & Water Potential
    • Cells
      • Animal
        • Low  Water Potential Outside Cell
          • Hypertonic Solution
            • Crenation
              • Water leaves the cell and so the cell shrinks.
          • There is no cell wall, so the cell-surface membrane cannot stretch as much.
            • So there is an increased pressure.
        • Equal Water Potential
          • Isotonic Solution
            • Water enters and leaves constantly at equal rates
        • High Water Potential Outside Cell
          • Hypotonic Solution
            • Cytolysis
              • Water enters the cell and the cell swells and bursts.
          • The greater the water molecules, the greater the water potential.
            • So the pressure is increased.
      • Plant
        • Low Water Potential Outside Cell
          • Hypertonic Solution
            • Plasmolysis
              • Water leaves the cell so the contents shrink and the cell becomes flaccid.
          • Means the cytoplasm moves from the cell walls
        • Equal
          • Equilibrium
            • Water constantly enters and leaves at equal rates.
        • High Water Potential Outside Cell
          • Hypotonic Solution
            • Turgid
              • Water enters cell and it swells and becomes trugid.
    • Osmosis is the diffusion of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane down a water potential gradient.
    • Water molecules move from an area of higher water potential to an area of lower water potential.
    • Water potential is the potentil of water molecules to diffuse into or out of a solution
    • Water Potential
      • Water potential is the pressure exerted by water molecules as they  collide with a membrane or container.
      • Measured in kPa
      • Pure water has a water potential of 0kPa (the highest value)
      • All solutions have a negative water potential.


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