Origins of Psychology

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  • Origins of Psychology
    • Wundt and Introspection
      • Wilhelm Wundt published the first book on psychology in 1873.
        • His approach was to study the structure of the human mind, breaking down behaviours into their basic elements. This is known as structuralism.
        • He used introspection. Introspection = the observation of ones own mental and emotional processes.
          • The experiment was in controlled conditions, with the same stimulus each time and had standardised instructions.
      • Wundt's new scientific approach was based on two assumptions.
        • 1. All behaviour is seen as being caused (determined)
        • 2. If behaviour is determined, then it should be possible to predict how humans would behave in different conditions (predictability)
    • The emergence of psychology as a science
      • Introspection was questioned by John B Watson (1913). He thought that the data it produced was subjective.
      • The study of mental processes is now seen as a legitimate and highly scientific area within psychology.
        • Mental processes are still 'private' but cognitive psychologists can infer using lab tests.
      • Biological researchers take advantage of recent technology to investigate physiological processes.
        • Live activity in the brain can be seen using scanning techniques, such as fMRI + EEG.


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