Organelles in an Epithelial Cell

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  • Organelles in an Epithelial Cell
    • The Nucleus
      • The nuclear Envelope is a double membrane that surrounds the nucleus. Outer membrane is continuous with endoplasmic reticulum and often has ribosomes on it's surface. Controls entry and exit of materials.
      • Nuclear pores allow passage of messenger RNA in and out of the nucleus
      • Nucleoplasm is the material that makes up most of the nucleus
      • Chromatin is the DNA in the nucleoplasm
      • The nucleolus manufactures RNA and assembles ribosomes
    • The Mitochondrion
      • The outer membrane controls the entry and exit of material. The inner membrane is folded into cristae to produce a larger surface area
      • Cristae are extensions of the inner membrane, Provide large surface area for the attachment of enzymes in respiration
      • The Matrix is a semi solid material containing protein, lipids and DNA so the mitochondria can make their own proteins
    • Endoplasmic Reticulum
      • Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER) have ribosomes present on the outer membranes to provide a large surface area for the synthesis of proteins and glycoproteins and provide a pathway for materials to be transported in and out of a cell.
      • Smooth ER (SER) synthesise, store and transport lipids an carnohydrates
    • Golgi Apparatus
      • Form glycoproteins
      • Produce secretory enzymes
      • Secrete carbohydrate
      • From lysosomes
    • Lysosomes
      • Break downmaterial
      • Release enzymes and digest used organelles
    • Microvilli
      • Finger like projections on an epithelial cell that increase it's surface area to allow more effecient absorbtion
  • Lysosomes
    • Break downmaterial
    • Release enzymes and digest used organelles
  • Ribosomes
    • 80S found in eukaryotic cells and 70S found in prokaryotic cells
    • Responsible for protein synthesis


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