ontological argument

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  • ontological argument
    • Anselm
      • we all have an idea of God so therefore he must exist
      • even if it is only in the mind
        • but if he only exists in the mind then this is inferior to anything in both mind and reality
    • Gaunillo
      • flawed logic
      • everyone has the idea of a perfect island it doesn't mean it exists
    • Anselm
      • islands are contingent- have NO INTRINSIC MAXIM
      • contingent- relies on something for its existence
      • necessary- relies on itself to exist
    • Descartes
      • only thing he cannot doubt is that he exists
      • like a triangle has 3 sides
      • can't deny God's existence
      • it is immutable
      • "i think therefore i am
    • Kant
      • existence is NOT a predicate
      • existence adds nothing to our understanding of something
      • to be perfect you need all predicates
        • existence is not a predicate so a supremely perfect being doesn't need to exist


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