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    • The Brush
      • Cyclical structure, story starts and ends with the brush
      • References the garden of Eden, the place of safety for characters
      • "yellow sands in the sunlight"
      • Symbol of perfection and relaxation
      • Place where Lennie and the dream die
      • Originally the place of peace
      • People cause problems, not nature
      • There is no other choice for George at end
      • Represents peace and serenity
      • S1
      • S6
    • The Bunkhouse
      • There are 16 men in one room, so there isn't much money spent on each individual worker
      • "a long rectangular room"
      • S2
      • Cruelty, violence, jealousy and suspicion all happen where there are the most men
      • S3
      • Everything has a pragmatic purpose, showing the survivalist society
      • Negativity is only present where there are other men
      • Doesn't have anything extra for the workers, so the boss doesn't care for them
      • In the microcosm of the ranch, this represents the treatment of workers
      • Name shows that it is just for "bunking", not for relaxing
      • Separate to the house where the Boss, Curley and his Wife live
    • Crooks' Room
      • "a little shed that leaned off the wall of the barn"
      • Separate to the other workers
      • Contains lots of "broken" things
      • Represents the racist attitudes
      • Cyclical structure in this section
      • S4
      • Crooks is compared to his room, isolated and broken
      • Jail cell of segregation
      • Place where threats, cruelty and power plays happen here
      • Crooks' humanity is undermined, as he is nearer the animals
    • The Dream Farm
      • Like a religion, as they speak of it regularly and with awe
      • Seen as heavenly and idealistic
      • Lennie killing Curley's Wife ruins their chances of getting their dream or to heaven
      • S1
      • S6
      • Symbolises their friendship
      • "a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens"
      • Never see anything even similar to this
    • Barn
      • Symbolic irony - barn is a place of safety and comfort for creatures, but death happens there
      • Lennie is given the dog, and kills it
      • Lennie kills Curley's Wife here
      • S5
      • Lennie and Curley's Wife connect there, surrounded by animals
      • "the sound of moving horses, of feet stirring, of teeth champing on hay, of the rattle of halter chains"
      • Man-made place for animals
      • Lennie, Crooks and Curley's Wife are the only characters seen there, who are all seen as less than human


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