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  • OMAM themes
    • Fate and Destiny
      • Title "Of Mice and Men" is taken from a Scottish poem by Robert Burns- "the best schemes o' Mice and Men, gang aft agley (often go wrong)
        • In OMAM the characters dream often go wrong (their fate)
          • George is always going to have to look after Lennie and be his parental figure.
            • He always talks about his dream (" I would stay in a cat house all night.") but he never follows his dream he always stays with Lennie...
              • "God you're a lot of trouble" "I never get no peace"
          • Curleys wife's fate is that she was born a white women in a sexist society and she will never get what she wants
            • however she married Curley at a last grab of a better life
              • "He was gonna put me in the pitchers"
          • Lennie's fate is how he cant escape the trouble he  alwways  ends up in
            • "i done a bad thing George" Lennie knows he has done a bad thing however she never stops doing bad things which reflect his fate and how it is inescapable
              • Georges escape plan also highlights how lennies future of trouble is inescapable- "if you jus' so happen to get in trouble like you always done before (...) hide in the brush"
          • Crooks is fate is that he is always going to be segregated and alone
            • In chapter 4, the scene starts of with him alone and ends with him alone highlighting how we will always be alone
            • He doesnt want/have a dream because he knows that "nobody never gets no land, and nobody gets to heaven"
              • This could suggest that he his depressed from the racism he receives and how thought how ending his life wouldn't even make it any better how "nobody gets to heaven"
    • Leadership (strengths and weakness' /power)
      • Slim is a natural powerful and well- respected guy on the ranch.
        • He's well respected because he's an understandable character, he also empathises with other characters
          • he comforts George after he shot Lennnie- "and s'pose they lock him up an' strap him down and put him in a cage, that aint no good George." He reassures killing Lennie was the right thing to do
        • "prince of the ranch" "walked with a majesty only achieved by royalty"
      • Curley
        • He changes physical appearance so he seems more dominant and powerful because he personality doesn't help him seem powerful
          • "glove fulla vaseline" to assert his dominance and authority
          • "he wore a work glove on his left hand, and like the boss, he wore high-heeled boots" to show his authority
      • George has power over Lennie, he is his parental figure and gives him guidance
        • "we're gonna sleep here because I gotta reason" highlights how George is the parent and Lennie is the child
      • Lennies weakness - His mental capability, he is like a naive child who is controlled by George, "lets have different color rabbits"
        • However Lennies strength is his physical ability and how strong he is without actually knowing
      • Curleys wife is a physically weak character as she is killed by Lennie
        • "please don't!"
        • However she has power over Crooks because she is white and he is black
          • "I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it aint even funny"
    • 1930s society
      • Sexism
        • Curley's wife
          • "tramp" "********" "Ranch with a bunch a guys on it, aint no place for a girl."
            • highlights how curleys wife is a victim of sexism and how she shouldn't be on the ranch just because shes a girl
      • Racism
        • Crooks
          • "let the ****** come in that night" "stable buck's a ******" "they call him Crooks" = lack of respect, feeling of possession
            • Crooks is a nick name given by the other rancher workers who are white, this could suggest that they have a power over crooks because he is a minority with in the ranch
      • Discrimination
        • Mentally disabled - Lennie
          • "and s'pose they put him in a cage"
            • this highlights how in the 1930s the mentally ill would be treat like animals and how there is no equality between them and other people, it shows how they are treat differently.
        • physical disabled - Candy
          • "I ain't much good with one hand" "they'll can me purty soon."
            • this also highlights how the elderly and physically disabled worried for their job and if they would become sacked any minute soon just because they have one hand
    • loneliness
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