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    • Candy
      • He's weak
        • "stoop shouldered old man"
          • right from the beginning candy's age and weaknesses are emphasized
        • "no hand"
          • right from the beginning candy's age and weaknesses are emphasized
      • He's lonely
        • "swamper"
          • Disrespected due to losing his hand - now the cleaner
            • Since losing his hand he has lost all his authority
              • Links to the theme of loneliness
    • George
      • still has authority over Lennie
        • "behind George, Lennie
          • George has authority over Lennie as he's still in the mind of a child
    • Crooks - spoken about before we meet him
      • disrespected
        • "the stable buck's a ******"
          • Links to the theme of racial prejudice as crooks is denied the warmth and companionship he desires due to is colour
        • "they let the ****** come in at night"
          • constantly referred to as being a "******"
      • his life is dominated by his pain
        • "crooked back"
          • that's why he's called  crooks - imagery
          • because of his back he's just the stable buck
      • wise
        • "he reads a lot"
          • suggests he's intelligent and knows a lot about his rights
    • Lennie
      • childlike
        • "he can do anything you tell him"
          • like a child lennie will do what he's told
        • "looking helplessly to George for instruction"
          • doesnt know what to do, is unaware the situation he's in
      • strong
        • "strong as bull"
          • steinbeck uses animal imagery to describe lennie's personality - strength
    • Curley
      • "a thin young man"
      • "tightly curled hair"
        • maybe thats why he's called curley
    • Curley's wife - spoken about before we meet her
      • "wait'll you see Curley's wife"
        • Patriarchal society - the ranch is dominated by men. she's curley's wife and belongs to him - trophy wife
      • a flirt
        • "she got the eye"
          • talking and flirting with the other ranchands because she's lonley
    • now we meet curley's wife
      • tart
        • "heavily made up"
          • she wants MALE attention
            • links to the theme of dreams - wanting to be an actress, she's made up as if shes in a hollywood movie
        • "red mules"
          • steinbeck uses the colour red to symbolise her personality
            • RED -> danger, devilish, love, foreshadowing, stands out - she wants to be noticed that's why she flirts
              • Links to the theme of lonliness - she wears red because she wants to stand out


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