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Appearance and reality
"What you got there, sonny boy?" ­ caring, sly, nosy
"Ain't I got a right to talk to nobody" ­ isolated, lonely,
"This guy says I was a natural" ­ vein, obsessed with celebrity lifestyle
"She wore the bright cotton dress" ­ importance of her appearance
"See how soft it is" Naivety, desperation for physical contact
"She looked closely" ­ tries to impress Lennie
"Have pictures took" ­ desperate for attention, grammar ­ uneducated
"I get so lonely" ­ opens up, more…read more

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Green willows" ­ untouched
"Hard beaten" ­ not alone
"Soledad" ­ isolated, alone
Who said it/who is it Quote What does it tell us about
describing them?
George "The first man was small George is hard working ­
and quick, dark of face with his face is sunburnt and his
restless eyes and sharp, muscles are defined. He is
strong features" on edge and constantly
worried about Lennie, a little
paranoid, anxious. George
is a representation of a
1920's itinerant farm
worker.…read more

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George "He looked across the fire at He regrets his words, he has
Lennie's anguished face, a conscious about Lennie.
then looked ashamedly at His battle between logic
the flames" and human side.
George "Guys like us that work on George feels lonely and
ranches, are the loneliest isolated. He can't deal with
guys in the world. They got the emotions and stress
no family. They don't belong that both him and Lennie
no place." face.…read more

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Chapter 4
Any you boys seen Curley?" Looks for attention, reminder of status, social acceptance,
power status, flirtatious
"Heavily made up" ­ impress, relies on looks, reminder of her dreams, physical abuse
"I ain't giving you no trouble" ­ she's argumentative, naïve, pretentious,
"You know what I can do to you if you open your trap" ­ relies on status, power,
Character relationships
"George said proudly" He's proud of his friendship, it's a paternal relationship, like a father
being proud of his son.…read more

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George and Lennie's dream is to find happiness and live a quiet life. They want to
be safe and secure by having security in their life. They want to show the other that
they are both mentally and physically strong. They want to show a strong sense of
power. The American Dream is the fact that the belief in America as a country
where people could create a better life for themselves.
2.…read more

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You say that two or three times so you sure Animalistic
won't forget it" ­ patronising to Lennie,
forceful, insensitive.
Intimidated by George
In charge
"Crazy bastard"
Role model
Looks up to George
Loyal and protective
Does he want Lennie there?
Mood and Atmosphere
"Faint glimmer" shows that there is a small chance waiting for their dream to happen. It
creates the message that anything is possible. However, it also suggests that there is a
chance of the dream failing.…read more

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He also builds tension between Curley and the other men which sets up a very tense
`There is a path through the willows and among the sycamores, a path beaten hard by
boys coming down form the ranches to swim in the deep pool, and beaten hard by tramps
who come wearily down from the highway in the evening.…read more

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People "Boys coming down from "Lennie appeared out of the brush
the ranch to swim in the and he came as silently as a
deep pool" creeping bear moves"
Action George and Lennie arrive in Lennie prepares to leave/run away
Atmosphere Calm and peaceful "Pleasant shade". "Rush of wind".
This is showing that there is a tense
Candy's Dog
This event shows the cruel nature of the world of the ranch-hands, in which the strong hunt
down and do away with the weak.…read more

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Carlson kills Candy's dog, with a painless shot to the back of the head,
sadly mirrors the way George will choose to murder his dearest friend.
It is no coincidence that soon after George confides in Slim that he has known Lennie since
childhood, Candy pathetically says that he could never kill his dog, since he has "had him
since he was a pup.…read more


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