Oil pollution

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  • Oil Pollution
    • Causes
      • leaked/ discarded lubricating oil
      • machine oil washed into drains
      • Ship oil tankers are washed out and the water is dumped
      • tanker accidents at sea
      • fuel will cause pollution if ship sinks etc.
      • accidental spillage from pipeline etc
      • leakage during extraction etc
    • Effects
      • Smothers shore life like seaweed
      • seabirds could be coated in oil and drown
        • in milder causes, the birds will lose waterproofing features so die of hypothermia
      • oil that is swallowed will hinder digestion
      • mild oiling may cause birds to preen their feathers more so spend less time on collecting food etc
      • thin layer of oil on water will prevent oxygen from air dissolving
      • animals which use their sense of smell for food and mates may have difficultly deu to oil smell


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