Unit 3: Oil Pollution - Controlling Oil Pollution

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  • Control of Oil Pollution
    • Recycling water lubricating oil
    • Equipment maintenance - reduces leakage
    • Bund walls to contain any oil released if storage tanks break (volume of bund should be larger than the tank)
    • Improved ship tanker design
      • Double skinned hulls - less likely to rupture
      • Twin engines, tanks and rudders in case of mechanical failures
      • Separate oil and water tanks to keep tanker low enough in the water
    • Improved ship tanker operation
      • Better crew training - reduces accident risk
      • Inert gas systems to fill oil tanks after oil is removed - reduces explosion risk
      • Crude oil washing - washes away tarry sludge build up and reduces need to wash out tanks
      • Oil terminals and refineries accept oily washing water to stop it being dumped at sea
    • Oil interceptors collect oil floating on washing or drainage water


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