Of Mice and Men context

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  • Of Mice and Men Context
    • The Depression
      • 1929 millions of dollars were lost to the Wall Street Crash
      • Crippled the country
        • Rise in unemployment
        • People lost their life savings
    • Steinbeck
      • John Steinbeck was very much interested in the lives of farm labourers
        • Spent some time working with them
        • Used their experiences to influence his writing
    • Migrant Farmers
      • Droughts forced farmers to leave their land
      • Farmers had to sell what they owned to pay their debts
      • Economic migrants went to "golden" California where they hoped there was farmland going spare
    • Ranch Hands
      • Lucky to get the work they had even though pay was low
    • Gender
      • Women were second class citizens
      • Weren't chasing the American dream like many men


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