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  • Of Mice and Men Context
    • Published in 1937
      • During the Great Depression
        • Caused by the wall street crash
    • Written by John Steinbeck
      • Went to work on the ranch
        • To understand lives of migrant workers
    • Title inspired by Burns poem 'To a Mouse'
      • "best laid plans of mice and men often go astray"
        • Steinbeck linked this failure to the failure of the American dream
    • Set in Soledad
      • Soledad mean lonliness
    • American Dream
      • Gave comfort to both men and women
        • Men dreamed of owning there own land having independence
        • Women dream of being in the movies
    • Relates to attitudes towards
      • women
      • elderly
      • Disabled
      • Racism
    • Wall Street Crash
      • caused great depression
        • caused men like George and Lennie to travel for work leaving them with no home or relationship


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