useful quotes about George - OMAM

juts a list of useful quotes all about George for exams/controlled assessments.. good luck! x

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"even in the open, one stayed behind the other"
"every part of him was defined"
"small" "quick" "restless eyes"
"'You crazy bastard'"
"if I was alone I could live so easy"
"Tonight I'm gonna lay right here and look up. I like it."
"gonna tangle with that bastard"
"I seen `em poison before"
"George's voice was taking on a tone of confession"
Lonely men "get mean" and want to "fight all the time".
"I bet we could swing her"
"I ain't gonna let'em hurt Lennie"
"I want you to stay with me, Lennie"
"I think I knowed from the very first. I think I knowed we'd never get her."
Slim "lead George into the entrance of the trail"
"'Me an' you'll go in an' get a drink.' `Yeah, a drink.'"


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