Of Mice And Men Characters: Curley

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    • Napolean Complex
      • p.46 'He glanced coldly at George and then at Lennie.'
      • p.48 'Curley's like a lot of little guys. He hates big guys.'
      • p.48 'Seems Curley ain't givin' nobody a chance.'
      • p.90 'I'll show ya who's yella.'
      • p.90 'No big son-of-a-***** is gonna laugh at me.'
    • Relationship With His Wife
      • p.59 'You seen a girl around here.'
      • p.49 'Yeah? Married two weeks and got the eye? Maybe that's why Curley's pants is full of ants
      • p.49 'Seems like Curley is cockier'n ever since he got married.'
      • p.53 'I'm looking for Curley.'
        • always looking for each other
      • p.81 'Where the hell's Slim?'
        • shows how insecure Curley is and how he does not trust his wife with other men
      • p.111 'Caught in a machine- Baloney!'
        • little trust they have in each other as a married couple
      • p.135 'I'm gonna shoot the big ******* myself'
        • more anger than grief
    • Wants to be like father
      • p.46 'like the boss, he wore high-heeled boots.'
        • dresses like his father
      • p.47 'his elbows bent out a little'
      • p.47 'Well, nex' time you answer when you're spoken to.'
    • Apperance
      • p.46 'a thin young man with a brown face'
      • p.46 'a head of tightly curled hair'
      • p.46 'he wore high heeled boots'
      • p.46 'his hands turned to fists'
      • p.46 'like the boss'
    • Boxer
      • p.47 'He done quite a bit in the ring'
      • p.47 'He's handy'
      • p.81 'Got in the finals for the Golden Gloves.'
      • p.51 'he's gonna take a sock at you the first chance he gets.'
      • p.81 'Got in the finals for the Golden Gloves.'
      • p.81 'An' Curley's handy, God damn handy.'
      • p.90 'Curley was balanced and poised'
      • p.90 'He slashed at Lennie with his left.'
    • Is He Caring ?
      • p.49 'well that glove's fulla vaseline'
      • p.49'Curley says he's keepin' that hand soft for his wife.'
      • p.49 'married two weeks and got the eye. Maybe that's why Curley's pants is full of ants.'
      • always looking for wife
        • p.59 'Well, which way'd she go?'
        • p.59 'You seen a girl around here.'


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