Of Mice And Men characters : Lennie

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    • Good worker
      • page 25 'George- why ain't we goin' on to the ranch and get some supper? They got supper at the ranch.'
      • page 64 'There ain't nobody can keep up with him. God awmighty I never seen such a strong guy.'
      • page 42 'he's sure a hell of a good worker. Strong as a bull.'
    • Disabled
      • page 126 'Jus' like a big baby'
      • page 23 'Jus' a dead mouse, George.'
        • unhygenic as he killed the mouse
      • page 141 'And then from out of Lennie's head there came a little fat old woman.'
    • Compared to an animal
      • page 19 'dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws.'
      • page 20 'snorting into the water like a horse.'
      • page 26 'Lennie lumbered to his feet'
      • page 43 'Strong as a bull'
      • page 55 'Lennie cried out suddenly'
      • page 68 'I socked him over the head with a fence picket to make him let go.'
      • page 128 'And she was still, for Lennie had broken her neck.'
      • page 140 'he came as silently as a creeping bear moves.'
      • page 92 'He stood crying, his fist lost in Lennie's paw.'
      • page 91 'Lennie covered his face with his huge paws and bleated with terror'
      • page 128 'her body flopped like a fish'
    • Manipulating
      • page 26 'Lennie made an elaborate performance of innocence.'
      • page 30 'An' if I foun' a mouse, I could keep it.'
      • page 31 'Lennie spoke craftily.'
      • page 31 'He had sensed his advantage.'
        • manipulating George with guilt
    • Loyal
      • page 104 'Who hurt George?' he demanded'
        • ready to defend for George
      • page 104 'What you supposin' for? Ain't nobody goin' to suppose no hurt George.'
    • Compared to a bear
      • page 19 'the way a bear drags his paws'
      • page 20 'Lennie dabbled his big paw'
      • page 26 'Lennie lumbered to his feet'
      • page 91 'Curley was flopping like a fish on a line'
        • Bears eat fish
      • page 92 'his fist  lost in Lennie's paw'
    • Physically Strong
      • page 64 'God awmight I never seen such a strong guy'
      • page 68 'He was so scairt he couldn't let go of that dress.'
      • page 91 'his fist was lost in Lennie's paw'
    • Phyically Large
      • page 19 'his huge companion'
      • page 19 'Behind him waled his opposite, a huge man'
    • Menality Of A Child
      • p.19 'sloping shoulders ;and he walked heavily dragging his feet
        • walking like a child
      • p.21 'imitated George exactly.'
      • p.22 'I remember about the rabbits'
        • illusions of rabbits show how how little priorites Lennie have in life
      • p.22 'I musta lost it.'
        • forgetting like a child
        • Lennie did not have his work card
      • p.26 'an elaborate performance of innocent'
        • lying and manipulating like a child
      • p.26 'His voice broke a little. 'I don't know why I can't keep it.'
        • attached like a child
      • p.40 'Lennie got up and did the same with his bed


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