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John Stienbeck
Of Mice and Men is a novel that portrays how human spirit sill lives on despite being
systematically crushed as a consequence of depressed circumstances.
Stienbeck illustrates with the help of companionship, that dreams can prove prevail
in the face of all forms of adversity be it unemployment,…

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Curley's wife embodies the theme of disappointed dreams and loneliness which we are forced
to notice as she constantly admits to it.
She has power over Crooks since he is lower than her in hierarchy.
At one point in the novel she is described as wearing a `red dress' which…

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"I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you." From the very start of the
novel, we learn how George and Lennie depend on each other. Their friendship makes them strong.
The balanced sentence echoes the equality of their friendship. Even though some argue…


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