OCR A Level English Language and Literature: Comp 1 CAP

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  • Comp 1: CAP
    • Edward and Helen thomas
      • C: Letters sent between Edward and Helen while Edward was serving in WW1
      • A: To his wife Helen
    • The Guardian
      • C: Review of popluar music tour of Beyonce and Jay z who were popluar in the press due to their scandal
      • A: Guardian: more intelligent readers for a broadsheet. Younger people or people interested in the gossip only
      • P: Review a popular event from a first hand view with opinions. promotes and increases interest in the concert and also the guardian newspaper and website .
    • Isabella Lucy Bird
      • C: Letter written by Bird to her sister Hnerietta telling her about her latest travels
        • P: Communicating with someone shes close to. Informing her sister that shes okay.
      • A: Private audience: her sister, but she was a writer so she may of wanted to publish it (probably wouldnt because of the structure)
    • Captain Scott
      • C: Diary capturing his expedition to the south pole
      • A: He wanted people to find, so most likely scientists and historians
      • P: Acts as proof they reached the south pole and how they died. It was informative as he was also a scientist so it could be used for research
    • George Saunders
      • C: Inspiration speech to recent uni graduates of 2013
      • A: Young and impressionable people beginning their new lives after graduation
      • P: Inspire the audience to think about the way they act and how they can differ the way they live their life and treat other people
    • Jonathan Swift
      • C: Satirical pamphlet on how Ireland can improve its economical struggles through eating children
      • A: Uninterested irish citizens who needed to realise the governments turmoil: they wasnt doing the best for Ireland
      • P: Mocking the governments unsuccessful ways in dealing with problems by sharing his own ideas. To shock because he is angry
    • Samuel Pepys
      • C: Extract from Pepys diary that he kept from 1660-1699
      • A: It was written as a Diary but he wrote it with formality and details so hisporians iin the future could possible read it
      • P: To document and reflect upon events. Make it known to people in the future, historical moments
    • Jeremy Paxman
      • C: Interview with Paxman on Newsnight with Valerie Amos and Dizzee Rascal
      • A: Mature/informed watchers of politics, young music fans for Dizzee
      • P: Discussing recent election and discussing opinions with an expert and someone less informed for different viewpoints (to inform)
    • Obama
      • C: Satirical piece in the Private Eye featuring obama as the main character ordering an ice cream with his daughter
      • A: educated middle class interested in current affairs. May of appealed to wider audience as obama was elected that year and it was historic
      • P: Lightly mock obamas grandious style of speeches through parody and exaggerating a trivial matter in a non bitter/offensive way
    • Soph Talks Science
      • C:  Blog written by Sophie Arthur, a PhD Student about her love of science
      • A: Appeal to young people as they are more aware of the internet. Young females wanting to get into science. Also an appeal to all modern scientists
      • P: To share her passion to a lareg audience on an easy platform. Inspire females to go into STEM
  • P: To inform her of the war and his condition as she would of been worried and missing him, they are far away. Only way to communicate was through the letters.


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