Obedience- Psychological Factors

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  • Obedience- Psychological Factors
    • Legitimacy of Authority
      • Destructive authority:Problems arise when this comes destructive. History has shown that powerful people can use their legitimate power for destructive purposes and ordering people to behave in ways that are cruel.
    • Agentic State:when we feel no responsibility for our behaviour because we believe were acting for an authority figure.
      • Autonomous state
        • Milligram (1974) suggested that this happens when someone sees someone as an authority figure.
        • The move form autonomy to agency is agentic shift
        • Means being independent. Is free to behave to their own principle and take responsibility for their actions.
      • Binding Factors
        • Aspects  of the situation that let the person ignore or minimise the damaging effect of their behaviour and reduce the moral strain they are feeling.
    • Evaluation
      • Research Support:  Blass and Schmitt show film of milgrams study to students and ask who is responsible for the harm. They blamed the experimenter.The responsibility was due to legitimacy of authority.


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