Obedience- Milgrams Research

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  • Milgram's Research
    • Procedure:
      • 40 male participants
      • advertised by newspapaer adverts and flyers
      • aged between 20 and 50
      • offered $4.50 to take part
      • confederate Mr Wallace was always learner and true participant was teacher.there was also a experimenter dressed in a lab coat.
      • participants told they can leave at any time
      • learner strapped to chair. teacher was told to give learner shock each time learner made mistake on task
      • shock level: 15-450 volts. If the teacher didn't want to cary on there were 4 prods to carry on
    • Findings
      • No p's stopped below 300V. 12% stopped at 300V. 65% continued to 450V- highest
      • observations that p's showed signs of tension, sweat, stutter, bite their lips, 3 had seizures.
    • Evaluation
      • Low internal validity
      • Good external validity
      • Supporting replication: Le Jeu de la Mort


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