Unit 3: Noise Pollution 1

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  • Noise Pollution
    • Effects
      • Living Organisms
        • Deafness, especially due to high frequency sounds - ear hair cells die
        • Stress, heart disease, ulcers, headaches
        • Behavioural changes e.g. agression
        • Disturb livestock and lead to injury and breeding failure
        • Birds may abandon nests
      • Non-Living Things
        • Cause objects to vibrate at natural resonant frequency - stress cracks appear, causing structural damage (acoustic fatigue)
        • Repetitive wheel vibrations damage infastructure
        • Sonic bombs cause damage
    • Industrial Noise
      • Metal noise impact or explosive expansion of gases can cause problems
      • Controls
        • Ear defenders for workers
        • Quieter equipment design
        • Acoustic insulation to equipment
        • Designing buildings to absorb noise
        • Restrictions on how long works stay near loud noise makers


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