Nick Carraway

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  • Nick Carraway
    • Quiet, reflective and open minded
    • Moves to New York in 1922 to learn about the bond business
    • Lives next door to Gatsby in West Egg, opposite the home of his cousin, Daisy and her husband, Tom
    • The novel is from the narrative perspective of Nick as he presents his experiences with Gatsby over the course of the summer
      • He assumes a secondary role in the novel, preferring to comment on events rather than dominating the action
    • He has very mixed reactions to life in New York city, showing the reader his internal conflict
      • Is he attracted to the fast-paced lifestyle of New York, or does he think the lifestyle is grotesque and damaging?
      • Symbolized by his fascination with Jordan Baker
        • He is attracted to her vivacity and sophistication just as much as he is repelled by her dishonesty and lack of consideration for others
      • Nick states that there is a "quality of distortion" to life in New York which makes him lose his equilibrium
    • After witnessing the unraveling of Gatsby's dream at his funeral, Nick realizes that life in New York is just a cover for the terrifying moral emptiness that the Valley of Ashes symbolizes
    • He then returns to Minnesota in search of a quieter life
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