New Right - family diversity

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  • New Right - family diversity
    • Decline of traditional nuclear fam. + growth of family diversity
      • = many social problems e,g, higher crime rates and edu. failure
    • See lone-parent as 'unnatural' + harmful to children
      • Because they cannot discipline their children properly
        • Burden on welfare state
    • High levels of benefits undermine traditional fam. by discouraging men to work and encourages 'dependency culture'
      • Little evidence that lone-parent families are part of 'dependency culture' or > likely to be delinquents than those brought-up in a two-parent family of same social class
      • FEMINISTS - argue New Right favour traditional family as it is based on patriarchy and oppression of women
      • RAPOPORTS - increasing family diversity  is a response to people's different needs and wishes


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