Family Diversity

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  • Family Diversity
    • Functionalism
      • Parsons
        • nuclear family meets the needs of the society
        • other family types are abnormal and deviant
    • New Right
      • Murray
        • strongly believes in tradition and say decline of nuclear results in crime, lack of education
        • lone parent familes are seen as unnatural and harmful
        • marriage causes stablility and cohabitation and divorce causes instablility
    • Types of Family Diversity
      • The Rapoports
        • organisational diversity
        • cultural diversity
        • social class diversity
        • life stage diversity
        • generational diversity
      • neo conventional family
        • Robert Chester
          • a nuclear family but division of labour between male and female, dual earner family
    • Feminism
      • Stacey
        • greater family diversity has benefited women, freeing themselves from patriarchal oppression
    • Post Modernism
      • Cheal
        • family structures are fragmented and individuals have much choice in lifestyles, personal relationships
    • Personal Life
      • Carol Smart
        • PM exaggerate type choice people have in some cases tradtional norms exists e.g arranged marriages


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