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  • New Right (Control)
    • BB/ origins
      • emerged in 80s
      • has been moral decay in soc
      • greater soc cont needed for people who wish to harm normal people
      • critical of rise in welf state v- l/w dep on them
        • become lazy/ immoral => under/c
      • those who break consensus => pun
      • comm = strong source of inf source of cont
    • Hirschi
      • devel Durkheim's concept of anomie - if not cont by others, will look after own self int w/ no concern for others
      • crime ocurs when people's attachment to soc = weakened
        • atta dep on strength od soc bond that holds people to soc
          • 4 bonds - ACIB
            • attachment (how far care about others opinion)
            • Commitment (personal inv in own life)
            • Involvement (how busy we are)
            • Belief (how strong sense of obedience is)
      • EVAL
        • don't experience all types of crime e.g. w.c.c
    • Murray
      • the under/c
        • kids born out of serious rel
        • u/c subc
          • share no common v's
            • driven to crime by sep set of v's
              • kids brought up w/ little concern for v's of soc
      • damage to comms
        • law ob citz driven out - > run down
        • poorer comms destroyed by u/c
        • u/c take over areas - reinf culture/ norms & way of life they lead
      • over last 30 yrs, increase in u/c
      • EVAL
        • no mention of m/c crime or upper/c crime
    • Dennis
      • 3 gens trad fam = stab - moral v's & sense of comm
      • last 30 years = changes to fam life = weakened external patt's of soc cont that fam/ comm provide
        • fams/comms restricted the 'extreme beh' of young people
      • changes he blames
        • cohab - undermined bel that partnership is for life
        • changing roles of women - > dom role - marg of males
          • young males don't have role models/ lack of disc in home
            • > fathers leav - men aren't soc condemned for leaving
        • > fathers leav - men aren't soc condemned for leaving
      • EVAL
        • mother can socialise kids just as well
        • how does cohab cause dev?
    • Etzioni
      • changes in mod soc have pushed 'decision making' away f/ local comm
        • comms feel powerless & don't see inf soc cont as their job
      • EVAL
        • can't generalise - USA
        • if made it their job to 'police themselves' & take on inf soc cont, wouldn't feel powerless
    • ways to prevent crime
      • targ hard
        • make > difficult - e.g. locks on cars, alarms, car theft protection
      • administrative criminology
        • 2 types of policing
          • miliraty - high risk areas - inner city
          • consensus - low risk areas - suburbia
      • conservative solution
        • aim to reduce dep culture - prom comm - prom 'cost-ben' analysis
          • done by increasing surv & 'soc cont' which would reduce lev of crime
      • sit crime prev
        • 2 feat
          • manage immediate env of crime e.g. target hard
          • increase effort & risks of crime & reduce rew
      • env crime prev
        • outlines how env can be designed in order to reduce crime
          • aim - max risk of caught - max effort, min ben
            • so far success w/ drugs, grafetti, murder etc


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