New Religious Movements

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  • New Religious Movements
    • World Rejecting
      • Wallis
      • Sects
      • Critical of society, seek radical change
      • Total institution (controls members lives)
      • Examples? People's Temple, Branch Davidians
    • World Affirming
      • Wallis
      • Lack religious characteristics
      • Positive about society/world
      • Members looking to find self spirituality
      • Examples? Transcendent Meditation, Scientology
    • World Accomodating
      • Wallis
      • Offshoots of existing Churches
      • Neither reject or accept soceity
      • Concerned with religious questions
      • Seek purity and committment
      • Examples? Pentecostal, Subud
    • Stark and Bainbridge
      • Rank organisations in terms of level of tension
      • Sects- high degree of tension with world
      • Cults- divided into three types
        • Audience cults? Form of entertainment
        • Client cults? Offer services to customers to enhance life
        • Cult movements? Members give up life, communal, answers to core questions


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