New Age Movements

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  • New Age Movements
    • Since 1980s
    • Set of beliefs and activities with spiritual element
    • Organised differently from traditional religion
    • Heelas
      • Describes as Hollistic Mileua
      • One on one activities
      • Spiritual revolution (Kendal Project)
    • Examples? Clairvoyance, Paganism, Spirit guides, Scientology
    • Main themes: Self spirituality & De-traditionalisation
    • Why has it grown?
      • Modernity has brought science and rational thinking but this cannot solve all problems
      • Society now emphasises individualism
      • Search for personal view rather than objective truth
    • Product of Modernity
      • People lose sense of identity through multiple roles
      • Consumer culture encourages perfection
      • Society is changing, values are lost, provides alternative
      • Decline in tradition has left gap


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