Rel Orgs

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  • Types of religion
    • Church
    • Sect
    • Demomination
    • Cult
    • New Rel Movements NRMs
    • New Age Religion
  • Formal, Heirarchical, Bureaucracy, widely accepted, linked to the state, specific and predictable rituals.
  • Widely accepted, no link to state,, less formal, lay persons lead, methodists/baptists
  • Charismatic leader, belief in superiority, tend to conflict with others, repres individuality, insular, require loyalty
  • Diff to distinguish
  • Stark & Bainbridge
    • Audience Cults
    • Client Cults
    • Cult movements
  • Wallis
    • World affirming
    • World Rejecting
    • World-Accomodating


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