Networks - Configuration Management, Remote Management and Disaster Planing

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  • Networks
    • Configuration Management
      • Definition
        • How the network is arranged - where the computers are, how they are linked, what SW is on each machine etc.
      • Specialist SW can help to find the best configuration
      • Having precise information makes repair or upgrade easier
      • Network can be made more secure
    • Remote Management
      • Accessing a network computer from a different computer.
      • Useful for
        • Seeing who is logged on
        • Checking which sites employees are using
        • Guiding users through problems
        • Shutting down a station
    • Disaster Planning
      • Backups should be completed regularly and kept off-site - can be used on a RAID system
        • RAID - Redudant Array of Inexpensive Disks
      • Restoration - The process by which, in the event of a network failure, data can be put back to its state prior to the failure
      • Usually, the network manager will have a plan for this and how this is actually done
      • Specialist backup SW is used for both backup and recovery


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