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A network is two or more computers connected together. Computers in a network can communicate with each other. The Internet is also a type of network- but thats's covered later on in the book. A computer uses a network interface card to connect to a network.

LANS are small, local networks

LANS (Local area networks) are the networks that you see in most offices and schools. They usually need the following hardware in order to operate.

  • A network file server is a dedicated computer that runs the software needed by the network and stores the files that users have created.
  • Terminals are indivudual workstations that give access to the network. Using a terminal gives access to the networks software and files.
  • If a group of terminals share use of a printer then the system needs a print server. If two or more documents are sent to the printer at the same time the printer server will put them into a…


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