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  • Nettles
    • Personal response
      • Why do you think the poet chose to reveal the age of his son?  To make it more dramatic, we feel sorry for him cause hes so young
      • What makes you think the poem is intended as an extended metaphor? Someone can't get angry at nettles for hurting his son as they are plants, it something more serious that is causing the harm and the dad is frustrated as he can't get rid of that harm.
      • What des this poem make you think being a parent is like? Stressful and over protective
      • Why does the poet include details e.g. that the nettles are behind the shed, and that he used a hook to cut them down, they are references to war and death, imagery, which makes it more dramatic.
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • Anger- The fathers angry at the nettles which hurt his son
      • Revenge- He attacks the nettles and tries in a rage to destroy them
      • Tenderness- He comforts and takes care of his hurt son
      • Frustration- He can't permanently remove the cause of his sons pain, and knows that his son will be hurt again and he can't stop it
    • About
      • The Physical pain of the nettles has a deeper meaning of the emotional suffering which the father knows the son will have to suffer. His inability to destroy the nettles is a metaphor for the fact the father can't protect the son from the pain of living. 
      • A 3 year old boy falls into a bed of nettles and is badly injured & is badly injured. his dad comforts him and then cuts and burns the nettles down. 2 weeks later the nettles have grown back. It explores the suffering and powerlessness of parents protecting their children from getting hurt.
    • Comparison
      • The manhunt/ Born yesterday/ The farmers bride/ Brothers / Praise song for my mother / Harmonium




This is really good. Thank you. 

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