Nettles Analysis

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  • Nettles
    • Imagery
      • War
        • Army
          • "Regiment of spite"
          • "Green spears" Suggests the nettles have weaponry
      • Pain
        • "White blisters beaded on his tender skin"
        • "Often feel sharp wounds"
        • "Pain was not so raw"
    • War and conflict used as extended metaphor
    • Father-Son relationship
    • Irony is involved because a patch of nettles is called a bed but it is not a place to rest
    • Emotive language
      • "Watery grin" He has tears in his eyes from the pain but he is trying to hold them in
      • "Slashed in fury" Angry that he has let his son get hurt but he realizes he can't protect his son from everything
    • Suffering is a part of life and the nettles are a symbol of suffering
      • Child must suffer in order to learn
      • The father should have known that he cannot prevent suffering by destroying something
        • Revenge is futile
    • Nettles are portrayed as violent within the first 3 lines
    • Made up of one stanza
    • People try to arrange things after a bad incident so that it will never happen again
      • You can't protect someone from everything
      • Father should have realized that destroying the nettles was pointless as they will just grow back
    • The nettles are given human characteristics


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