Nervous system

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  • Nervous system
    • Central NS: brain and spinal cord
      • Spinal cord can control reflex arcs (stimulus provokes an automatic response) without the help of the brain
      • Serious injury can be perm
    • Peripheral NS: all parts of NS outside brain and spinal cord - mostly nerves that can regrow - 2 parts
      • axons of nerves outside brain and spinal cord and covered with neuriemma which forms a tunnel that damanged fibers can follow as they repair themselves
      • Somatic NS : links spinal cord with body and sense organs - controls voluntary behavior
      • Autonomic NS: carries info to and from internal organs and glands - controls automatic bodily processes
        • Sympathetic: emergency system - arouses the body for action
        • Parasympathetic: quiets the body down


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