neo marxism on crime and deviance

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  • neo Marxism
    • take ideas from marxists but also combine them with other theories eg labelling theory
    • taylor, walton + young
      • capitalist society produces inequality + W.C is exploited by those in power
      • taylor- class inequality + selective enforcement can lead to W.C crime
        • however they reject deterministic ideas that crime is committed due to the economy + criminals have no choice
          • instead believe crime is a choice + is politically motivated
      • combine ideas from traditional marxists + labelling theory
    • evaluation
      • against
        • feminists criticise theory as only looks at male criminality
          • realists criticise theory as it focuses too much on W.C crime as stealing from the rich to help the poor
      • for
        • neo marxism is an improvement on traditional marxist views as considers wider issues relating to labelling + social reactions
          • considers why some people aren't deviant unlike traditional marxists


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