neo marxism and crime

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  • Neo Marxism and crime
    • w/c crime is a form of political action
    • Crime is used to reassert the dominance of ruling class hegemony (values)
      • This is done by exaggerating the problem of working class crime in the media
        • Causes moral panic which causes people to "stamp out" w/c crime and therefor control the working class
          • moral panic - An instance of public anxiety or alarm in response to a problem regarded as threatening the moral standards of society
    • New (critical) criminology
      • Taylor, Walton and Young
        • suggested that a full social theory of deviance will recognise:
          • Wider structural origins of deviant acts
          • immediate origins or deviant acts
          • the deviant act itself and the meanings it offers
          • immediate social reactions to deviant act
          • wider social reactions to deviant act
          • The effects of labelling
          • this model locates crime as being a product of the social system the person is Immersed in
          • Can be related to the Toxteth Riots and the 2011 London Riots
        • criticised classical Marxism for there determinism (poverty leads to crime)
        • Also think that neo Marxists ignore the individual meaning behind crime


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