Neither Here Nor There

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  • Neither Here Nor There- Bill Bryson
    • Discourse
      • Purpose
        • Entertainment and informative
      • Audience
        • Mainly American people, but could also be tourists
      • Form
        • A personal account from the perspective of a foreigner, notably an American
    • Context, synopsis and mode (what is discussed in text)
      • An American-British author expresses his extreme distaste and cynical views towards Paris, the people of Paris, the tourists of Paris, and foreigners in general, using othering and alienating/mocking taboo subjects
    • Pragmatics
      • Inferences
        • Insensitivity and impoliteness
      • Irony
      • Deixis
        • 'Is that asking for trouble or what?'
    • Lexis and semantics
      • Figurative language
        • comparing Parisians to traffic
        • Comparing Paris to a dystopian landscape
        • predator/prey metaphors- 'a nearby bus roared'
      • Semantic fields
        • Lexical field of danger
    • Phonology
      • Plosive lexis
        • 'roared'
      • Rhetorical devices
        • Rhetorical questions- 'is that too much to ask for?'
        • Listing
        • Metaphors
    • Attitude/ tone towards Paris
      • Paris is presented by Bryson as a dangerous and unsafe city. He constantly compares the Parisians to taffic and Paris itself to be 'a haze of cloudy combustion', presenting a dystopian atmosphere and tone.
      • Bryson's tone is spiteful, cynical, disgusted, repulsed, and at some points, comedic, taking on the form of something almost satirical


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