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  • Gender
    • Role of men
      • T=what society expects of middle class men - provider but shows the consequences of conforming to this
        • "Helmer"not Torvald = respect "No debts, never borrow" - imperative = power. "Unbearable for anyone except mothers" women's role he's detached
        • "Non-one sacrifices his honour for the one he loves" - male pride. "he wore himself out completely" -  dramatic irony she could do it.
      • Keller is provider and tries to look after Kate but goes so far to fulfil role he destroys his relationships and can't fulfil role so suicide.
        • "Keller" not Joe. "They were all my sons" - failing social responsibility - failed role/personal responsibility. "I wear the pants, she beats me with the belt" - no real power? "Tell me...what do i do?" - needs Kate's guidance.
    • Role of women
      • Nora conforms to gender role - there for entertainment but also confounds them
        • "The front door bell rings" - no key a guest at T's beck and call. "spendthrift" - irresponsible. "The children mustn't see it's decorated" N=tree T=child
        • "almost like being a man" - as women she pulled it off went against gender role. "Rises" - proxemics above role of woman "I've changed" out of typical woman costume
        • "doll-wife" not serious even children don't take dolls in public. "first and foremost...a wife and mother" - not individual
      • Kate's role is established by society but in marriage she has authority and is strong because she bears a secret
        • "Mother" not Kate "giving her breakfast". "Live." takes on male role because Joe dead. "fruit still cling to its branches" - fruit=hope of survival for her family
    • Gender roles in a relationship
      • Mrs Linde and Krogs contrast N + T. Like Kate society established Mrs L's role but she doesn't conform and neither does their relationship
        • "Mrs Linde" not Kristine. "I had to fend for myself"//"you're a widow i presume?" - worked for herself despite restrictions
        • Act 3 no dominant speaker - equals "clinging to wreck" switch of subplots when T says "save bits and pieces form the wreck" - metaphor parallels N and L switch roles
      • Ann and Chris go against gender roles and their relationship is based on trust - why it succeeds
        • "She's the one that didn't jump into bed with somebody else" - unusual. "How's that for three weeks' salary" - earns for herself. Doesn't want money "wouldn't matter to me". I'm not trying to hurt made me" - smarter know when to reveal secret
        • "the business doesn't inspire me"-not bothered about money. "I didn't want to take any of it. And I guess that included you" - honest with her.
    • Last paragraph
      • Alternative ending - showings expectations of women and power of men
      • American dream - those achieved it = immoral e.g.frank. Those haven't achieved it go against gender roles and moral e.g. Chris


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