All My Sons Act One Part Two Sections


First Section

Keller: You don't sleep, that's why. She's wearing out more bedroom slippers than shoes.


Chris: Because it's not right; we never took up our lives again. We're like at a railroad station waiting for a train that never comes in.

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Second Section

Mother: Get me an aspirin, heh?


Mother: She knows what I know, that's why. She's faithful as a rock. In my worst moments, I think of her waiting, and I know again that I'm right.

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Third Section

Keller: Look, it's a nice day. What are we arguing for?


Keller: What does that mean, me above all? 

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Fourth Section

Bert: Mr. Keller! Say, Mr Keller ... Tommy just said it again!


Mother: I didn't say you had anything to hide, I'm just telling you to stop it! Now stop it!

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Fifth Section

Ann: Hya, Joe! 


Jim: Well I hope that doesn't mean you want me to move out?

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Sixth Section

Sue: Jim, come in here! Mr Hubbard is on the phone!


Keller: Annie, you can't go into a restaurant with that woman anymore. In five minutes thirty-nine strange people are sitting at the table telling her their life story.

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Seventh Section

Mother: If I can't ask Annie a personal question...


Mother: I have to have some tea.

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Eighth Section

Frank: Annie! How are you, gee whiz!


Mother: Except that they didn't get it confused. He hands out police badges from the Post Toasties boxes.

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Nineth Section

Ann: Gosh, it's wonderful to hear you laughing about it.


Ann: No, I've never written to him. Neither has my brother. Say, do you feel this way too?

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Tenth Section

Chris: He murdered twenty-one pilots.


Chris: Are you going to stop it?!

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Eleventh Section

Ann: Don't yell at him. He just wants everyone happy.


Chris: Oh Annie, Annie . . . I'm going to make a fortune for you!

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Twelth Section

Keller: Hello . . . Yes. Sure.


Chris: Dad, you amaze me . . .

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Thirteenth Section

Keller: All right, forget it, forget it. I want a clean start for you, Chris. I want a new sign over the plant - Christopher Keller, Incorporated.


End of Act One

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