Nazi Education System

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  • Nazi Education System
    • Teachers
      • Nazi Teachers League
        • 97% of all teachers were part of this
      • Nazi officials
        • Can come into schools and after some questions arrest teachers of the spot
        • Pupils acting as spies can report teachers
      • This strikes fear into teachers and as a result they will teach Nazi lessons and join the Nazi Teacher's League
    • Students
      • History
        • About successful Germans, Good wars
      • Maths
        • Problems highlighted Nazi ideas
      • Children's stories
        • Bad characters were Jews
      • RS
        • Hitler was the second coming of Jesus but better
      • Girls
        • How to look after children and how to be healthy
          • Nothing about birth control
      • Boys
        • Fighting, being fit and healthy
      • Eugenics
        • Natural selection with people, Master Race
      • Race studies
        • Learning how to identify different races
    • Every school follows the same syllabus and timetable
    • Jewish schoolchildren were ritually humiliated in front of their class


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