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Nazism : Youth & Education
Aims of Nazism on Youth
·"When an opponent declares, "I will not join you," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already. What
are you? You will pass away and your descendants now stand in a new camp"
Adolf Hitler, 1933
·The Nazis believed that to control Germany's future they had to influence the minds of young people in
Germany ­ they aimed to make all young people loyal to the Nazis
­Through the extensive Youth Movements
­And the schools
·Adults were harder to influence than children, so indoctrinating the young with Nazi beliefs was essential
if Nazism was to continue and develop in the future.
Youth Groups
·These were designed to supplement the education system
­And to gain further influence over young people
·Baldur von Schirach, was appointed "Youth Leader of the Reich" on 17th July 1933
­His job was to ensure that the Nazis gained control over all Germany's people.
­This was part of the wider political process of Gliechschaltung ­ taking a uniform line
­ taking over and controlling all aspects of society.
Main purpose of the Hitler Youth:
·Indoctrinate young German people with important Nazi ideas and values:
·And to suppress:
·Boys be a strong fighter
·Girls bear many children
Under Baldur von Schirach the following changes were made:
· Youth movements of other political parties were shut down in 1933 ­ stopping other political ideas
influencing the young
· Church youth movements then followed ­ Nazism went against Christian and religious values
· Catholic youth Organisation closed down in 1939

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In their place the Nazis promoted their own organisations:
Boys Girls
Pimpfen: For Boys aged JM: (Jungmadelbund) ­ League For Girls from
(Cubs) 6 à 10 of Young Girls 10 à 14
DJ: (Deutches Jungvolk) For boys from BDM: (Bund Deutscher Madel) For Girls from
­ German Young People10 à 14 ­ League of German Girls 14 à 18
HJ: (Hitler Jugend) ­ For boys from
Hitler Youth 14 à 18
· Although an Organisation for Girls aged 18 à 21 was started in…read more

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Far from universal enthusiasm, he found that some young people rejected the Hitler Youth.
·He described 3 separate age groups:
­Those from 1933-36 had suffered the economic problems of the 1930s and were therefore
receptive to the appeal of the rearmament programme.…read more

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Changes made
·1 May 1934 ­ Bernhard Rust appointed to the new post of Reich Minister for Science and Education
­Law centralising education under Reich ministry of Education and Science
Bernhard Rust
- "Purpose of education is to make Nazis"
(committed suicide in 1945)
·23 `elite schools set up and run by the SS after 1936
·However there was infighting between HJ and the education system.…read more


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