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Nazism : Youth & Education
Aims of Nazism on Youth

·"When an opponent declares, "I will not join you," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already. What
are you? You will pass away and your descendants now stand in a new camp"
Adolf Hitler, 1933
·The Nazis believed…

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· In their place the Nazis promoted their own organisations:

Boys Girls

Pimpfen: For Boys aged JM: (Jungmadelbund) ­ League For Girls from
(Cubs) 6 à 10 of Young Girls 10 à 14

DJ: (Deutches Jungvolk) For boys from BDM: (Bund Deutscher Madel) For Girls from
­ German Young People10…

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·Far from universal enthusiasm, he found that some young people rejected the Hitler Youth.
·He described 3 separate age groups:
­Those from 1933-36 had suffered the economic problems of the 1930s and were therefore
receptive to the appeal of the rearmament programme.
­Those from 1936-39 had no such memories, having…

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Changes made
·1 May 1934 ­ Bernhard Rust appointed to the new post of Reich Minister for Science and Education
­Law centralising education under Reich ministry of Education and Science

Bernhard Rust
- "Purpose of education is to make Nazis"
(committed suicide in 1945)

·23 `elite schools set up…


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