Army, censorship & propaganda

pink -A2

red - A3

orange - N2

yellow - PG

green - Lenin

l blue - Stalin

d blue - Khrushchev

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  • Army, censorship & propaganda
    • Alexander uses troops to enforce Russification on national minorities.
    • Nicholas II used army to quell workers protests (eg Bloody Sunday).
    • Red Army discipline, led by Trotsky, essential to winning Civil War.
    • Stalin used the Red Army, with CHEKA, to administer purges.
      • Red Army purged.
    • Khrushchev reduction in Red Army during Cold War creates opposition.
    • A2 tightens censorship after first assassination attempt in 1866.
    • Nicholas II usedportraits, events & pamphlets to boost popularity, especially after 1905.
    • Communists introduce slogans, developed cult of personality, promoted movements (eg Stakhanovite in 1930s) to great effect.
    • Communist censorship is effective, eg Agitprop & ‘official’ newspapers (eg Pravda).
    • Khrushchev loosens censorship and allows criticism of Stalin era BUT not his regime.


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