Natural Law

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  • Natural Law
    • Deontological
      • Absolute
        • Objective
    • Nothing with God is accidental
      • Everything has a reason for being
        • creation therefore is not by chance
          • Creation happens for a reason
            • Everything is created to reflect God's greatness
              • The Bible states Creation is good
                • Thus creation exists to reveal God's goodness
                  • What is true for the whole of creation is true for what exists in creation
                    • Natural Law regulates everything
                      • Therefore natural law exists to reveal God's nature
    • Primary precepts
      • To live
        • To reproduce
          • To learn
            • To live in a way for Glories God
    • Good = Fulfilling God given purpose
    • Reason
      • Immortality
        • God
    • Real and Apparent Goods
      • Internal and External Goods


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