Aquinas's teleological argument

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  • The teleological argument by Thomas Aquinas
    • Set out 5 ways to prove God's existence
      • Summary
        • 1. When you look at the natural world, you see that everything in it follows natural laws (even if they aren't conscious, thinking beings.)
          • 2. If things in nature follow natural law they tend to do well and reach some girl/purpose.
            • 3. However, if a thing cannot think for itself, it does not have any goal or purpose , it is directed by something that thinks.
              • Example: arrow
    • regularity of succession: Things in nature follow certain laws to achieve certain results
    • Even if human beings think for themselves and cause things to be aimed at a goal/result, the reason why human beings exist has to be explained are they aren't immortal/die.
    • Aquinas was a follower of Aristotle and was influenced by his final cause.


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