Natural Law/ Aristotle

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  • Natural Moral Law- Aristotle's influence
    • 4 Causes
      • Final Cause
        • Means the end itself
        • What should happen if we do the right things
      • Material Cause
      • Efficient Cause
        • Means to an end
        • Things we do to achieve something
      • Formal Cause
    • Key idea-A Telos (End or Purpose) 
      • Has to be an unchanging principle to the changing physical world.
      • The Highest good (Summum Bonum)  is found then when things fulfil their purpose.
    • “The law is right reason in agreement with nature”. Cicero
    • The Efficient Cause is anything that brings about the Final Cause
    • Sees humans as “rational animals”
      • Only by using our reason can we be moral agents (and knowledge is a natural or intrinsic good).
      • Human ability to reason is the ‘driving force’ of human development and action


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