Natural Law key information

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  • Natural Law
    • Four tiers of law
      • natural law- laws we see through nature
      • human law- laws of societies
      • eternal law- god's ultimate law
      • Divine law- the things that god reveals to us
    • 5 primary precepts
      • preservation of life
      • reproduction
      • education
      • worship of god
      • ordering of society
      • secondary precepts are the human laws made to prevent these things happening
    • Synderesis Aquinas
      • do good and avoid evil
    • Telos
      • end point or purpose
      • everything has a purpose or a telos and we can see this in nature
      • Aristotle- Eudimonia (flourishing in society)
      • Aquinas- reuniting with God
    • Double effect
      • “an act may have one effect, and be known to have more than one”
        • the act must not be intrinsically evil
        • the evil and good must be at least equal
        • the intention must be good
        • there must be a strict reason to allow a bad effect


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