Natural law religious compatibility

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  • Natural Law's religious compatibility
    • Yes
      • Underpins Catholic teaching
        • Natural Law has influenced Catholic moral teaching for centuries
          • For example, In Humanae Vite 1968, the Pope condemns contaception
      • Linked with Christian notion of conscience.
        • Aquinas said that conscience was the exercise of rationality
        • Many Christians agree with Aquinas when he says that rationality is a gift from God
          • This resonates with the Paul's writings to the Romans
            • 'the requirements of the law is written on their hearts' Romans 2:15
    • No
      • Jesus was against the legalistic approach to morality
        • In Matthew 12, Jesus works on the Sabbath day
          • This is condemned by the priests of the day
            • However Jesus disagrees with this and says that people are more important than rules
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      • Overrides 'free will'
        • Free will is something valued very highly in most religions.
          • However, Aquinas' natural law seems to dismiss this, maintaining that it is sinful to go against the primary precepts
            • Therefore personal autonomy is very important
          • In Christianity, God gave humans free will to make their own choices
            • Therefore personal autonomy is very important


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