muslim worship

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  • Muslim worship
    • shahadah: declaration of faith (signing your life to allah)
      • no god but allah and muhammad is the messenger of allah
    • salat
      • Muslims pray 5 times a day: dawn, before sunrise, midday, after the sun passes at its highest, late part of the afternoon, after sunset, between sunset and midnight
      • facing in the direction of mecca. clean place; mosque or prayer mat
      • wudu (cleaning) prior to prayer
      • rakahs (prayer positions) men and women pray separately
    • zakat
      • charity, donate once a year. 2.5% of income
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    • saum.
      • fasting. no eating or drinking during daylight hours.
      • no smoking or sexual activity during daylight
      • 29/30 days. read holy book more regulaurly
    • hajj. travelling
      • travel to mecca, if possible must be completed once in a lifetime
        • 1.during month of Dhul hijjah, visit the ka'ba, repent on the plain of arafat, stone the devil at mina, and wear ihram


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