Multicultural Society

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  • Multicultural Society
    • Religion and Politics
      • Christians believe that nationalities shouldn't matter.
        • "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ."
        • "Love thy neighbour."
      • For:
        • Important to have laws and honest people in the Government.
        • It is important to protect religious freedom.
        • Politics need divine guidance.
      • Against:
        • Might lead to law that do not reflect what most people believe.
        • Members of other faiths may take offence if religion influence politics.
      • To encourage harmony, the race religion acts, 1976, banned al forms of racial discrimination and any attempts to stir up racial hatred.
    • Asylum seekers, integration, immigrations and emigration
      • Racism in any form is wrong. God made all the races on Earth and we should give each other equal respect.
      • All mankind are descendants of Adam and Eve. (EQUALITY)
      • People come to Britain for many reasons.
        • Economic reasons, better wages, higher standard of living etc.
        • Job opportunities.
        • Escaping war.
      • Britain need immigrants.
        • Essential skills (NHS).
        • Contribution to the economy
        • Motivation, prepared to do the jobs that British citizens see as demanding.
      • Problems with immigration
        • BC feel threatened.
        • Prejudice and discrimination
    • Faith Communities
      • Many Hindus believe it is wrong to be prejudice against someone just because of their ethnic origin/ differences.
      • Hinduism teaches that men and women are of equal worth. But they have different roles and responsibilities.
        • HOPE 2008
          • Helps non religious believers find a place in the community and under good by doing things that benefit the community e.g litter picking.
        • MEMORY CAFE
          • Provide Support
          • Opportunity to talk to people like them
          • Provide them somewhere safe during the day.
          • A church in Morpeth that holds a coffee morning every week for people with dementia


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