religion and a multicultural society

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Religion and a multicultural society

There are many reasons why people like to immigrate these reasons may be because of:

  • Invasion to their country
  • Escape so they can practice their religion freely
  • Escape political persecution 
  • They're more economic opportunities 
  • There is also encouragement from the other country they're going to.

Why do we actually need immigrants is there a reason?...yes 

We need immigrants because this allows people to employ the immigrants because they can provide skills which the employee needs for the job therefore, bringing in more money increasing the economy therefore, helping us out. Also there are many jobs which us British don't want to do therefore, immigrants have the motiviation to do these jobs that we don't want to do. 

The advantages of multiculturalism is that it allows:

  • Different cusisines
  • Better lifestyle
  • There is help of overcoming ignorance and arrogance
  • It also causes a dynamic community which then allows people to bring in new skills to the country. 
  • It allows the country to bring in more income and the economic values increase.

Although there is some disadvantages these


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